Our Aims:

The Pumpkin Patch Nursery aims to provide the highest standard of childcare from 3 months - 5 years old in a safe, bright and colourful environment.

Our aim is to create a learning environment which balances indoor and outdoor educational activities thereby promoting a healthy body and mind.

We aim to nurture happy, confident children with day to day practical knowledge, whilst instilling a sense of respect both for each other and the environment.

The Pumpkin Patch Nursery believes that everyday is a learning experience and that learning should be fun.  To this end we try to help children discover new things and to prepare them for school with resourcefulness, confidence and an enthusiasm for learning.  

We aim to spend plenty of time outside in the garden.  Natural light is not only vital to everyone’s health, but gives children greater contact with nature, a better understanding of the environment and teaches them responsibilities towards the care of plants and animals as well as issues such as recycling and litter control.

Here at the Pumpkin Patch Nursery we recognise the importance of social skills and respect for each other and feel that our style of teaching provides positive encouragement and discipline where it is beneficial.

We encourage parents to take an active interest in their child’s development by sharing information through regular newsletters, reports and notices.

We assist and encourage staff to contribute their own ideas for maintaining and improving the service we provide and also to aid their professional development.

Finally we closely monitor our service to ensure that the quality of care and education we provide is of the highest standard.


At Pumpkin Patch we are very conscious about what our children eat and believe it is important to provide a healthy balanced diet.  We are very flexible when it comes to each child's individual dietary needs and take these into account when planning and preparing our menus. 

Fees & Opening Times:

All our Nurseries operate between the hours of 7:30 through to 18:00 Monday through to Friday or 19:00 with prior arrangement. Our days are split into two session; The First Session starts at 7:30 through to 12:50 and the second session between 13:10 - 18:00. However our Dunbar Nursery also offers additional session times. Please refer to the tables below for information on each nursery.

North Berwick Nursery Prices: FROM JANUARY 2019

Session Under 2's Over 2's
AM Session £33.20 £30.25
PM Session £32.50 £29.50
Full Day £58.50 £54.60
Extra Hour £7.50 £7.50
Pick Up and Drop Off (Local Nursery) £4.45 £4.45


  Please note our Nurseries are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, 2nd January, Good Friday & Easter Monday

Extra Activities:

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Greener Travel Plan.

At Pumpkin Patch in North Berwick we believe in the the future of your children.  This begins with their first day with us up to when they leave. However, we believe we can still make a difference after that by securing a cleaner future for them.  The environment and issues facing the cleanliness of the area in the future is something we are passionate about addresing.  We have recently introduced a Greener Travel Plan (GTP) in line with the local authorities to help reduce carbon emissions and the congestion of traffic in your area. 


To reduce traffic congestion in our villages and towns, especially areas immediate to the nursery.  This will be tackled by; 

-Providing information on our local public transport.

-Offering safe storage for the parking of bicycles.

-The creation of a Park & Walk scheme.

-To promote the use of car share schemes by both parents and staff.

Below you will find a map of the North Berwick parking exclusion area.  We support this local authority initiative that helps reduce road usage and also relieves congestion around the residential areas of an already very busy coastal village. (Click Image to download)

Our GTP progress to date:

Since we began this project we have already raised awareness and reduced local traffic by encouraging our staff to undertake a car share scheme to work....

If you require any additional information regarding our Greener Travel Plan please don’t hesitate to contact the nursery manager who is our designated Travel Co-Ordinator.